Residential Services

Windows & Doors
Windows & Doors

Getting your uPVC Windows and doors Spray Painted is great way to transform the appearance of your home without the need to replace your existing Windows. Spray painting uPVC Windows is a process that will modernise and refresh your house and give you a long lasting durable factory finish.



Most uPVC windows look dull, outdated and lifeless, often with a lack of colour and very tired looking.  They can detract from other exterior characteristics of your home. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can infuse new lease of life into them, you don’t have to settle for just white!

Garage Door
Garage Doors

uPVC Garage Door Spray Painting. Does your garage door still function well, but you are not happy with its appearance? We offer a bespoke, fast, efficient uPVC, Aluminium and Composite Garage Door Spray Painting Service to residential and commercial properties all over the UK.

Porches & Canopies

Often expensive to replace, porches and canopies are a focal point of your home and one of the first thing you see, by recolouring them to match with you windows and doors you can give the house a nice dose of curb appeal.

Furniture & Kitchens

Specialising in kitchen respray, internal and external door spraying, MDF paint spraying, uPVC paint spray finishing and furniture restoration, we have a long list of prestigious clientele including door manufacturers, bespoke joiners and bespoke furniture companies.

Fascia & Guttering

Finish of your home in style, by matching the colours of your rainwater goods, fuse boxes, soffits & cladding, you can dramatically change the overall look of your home.


Stage 1 - Pre-Preparation

Before we start, it is crucial the area is properly cleaned and the surroundings are masked off ready to be spray painted and any of the client’s furniture and property are protected. This means moving any unnecessary items and covering any exposed areas in dust sheets. All our painters are fully trained and competent to carry out the work.

Stage 2 - Cleaning

We use a two-step cleaning process. First we use a specialised detergent, and then apply a solvent-based solution to remove any grease and grime from the uPVC windows & doors that we’re spraying. The cleaning process cleans off contaminants on the surface, which ensures a perfect, long-lasting bond with the paint.

Stage 3 - Preparation

The windows, doors and conservatories are given a light abrasion with Scotch Brite pads to allow the paint to fully adhere to and create the perfect finish. Then we remove all handles, letterboxes and any door numbers or names and mask off adjacent surfaces and cover the glass in protective sheets ready to be sprayed.

Stage 4 - Spraying

This is the really technical bit which requires precision. We spend some time setting up our specialist spraying equipment and prepare your uniquely formulated paint of your choice. Once it’s ready, our painters get to work and begin the transformation process, applying a minimum of three coats depending on the surface and chosen colour.