Commercial Services

Shop Fronts

Upscale the value and look of your investment by standing out from the crowd with a new paint job. If you have lately opened a shop or you have decided to refurbish the front of your business premises we can help you attract more foot fall with a neat, professional paint job. To save you from having to fork out money for a new shop front, we can paint your shop front out of hours too.


We are able to perform a complete colour change or a planned maintenance programme, our cladding painting can offer a great solution to refurbishing your existing building. We are fully certified in this field and offer full RAL colours and can help match colours if requested.

Roller Shutters

With our Roller Shutter spraying service we can save many SME’s time and money with roller shutters being very expensive to replace, but if they are re-coated with our special paint they can look as good as new. We can help make your business stand out from the crowd and allow it to fit in with the desired image of your company.

Office Doors & Windows

We are able to organise the spraying of door and window frames on commercial properties of all sizes. We can organise the work to be carried out in the evening or the weekend, so your are not interrupted during business hours, which is often the case with retail shops on busy high streets or shopping centres.

Office Partition

There is absolutely no need to replace old partitions because we can transform the look of your office partitions to fit in with the interior design. A new RAL coating will bring to life the tired looking room dividers and will improve the whole office space. Any colour can be achieved the level of insulation, acoustic properties and fire rating will be retained after office partitions have been repainted by us.